Friday, January 30, 2009

Goal setting

While I want to be smaller - I need to constantly remind myself why I am doing this - what are my goals? This is a useful tool to keep me focused.

3 reasons:

1) I want to lower my blood pressure (slightly higher than normal at the moment but I want it normal)

2) I would like to be able to buy clothes from the normal size section of womens clothing stores, and not be restricted to the plus size section.

3) My husband and I would like to start a family sooner rather than later. I need to be in good health, be in reasonable fitness, have hormones, blood pressure etc all in normal range to increase this chance.

My weight goals are not completely set at the moment. I want to do small achieveable weight goals in order to get to bigger higher weight loss.

A good swap which still tastes good is swapping ice cream for sorbet.

100ml vanilla icecream (approx 1 scoop) = 4 points and 100ml low fat sorbet = 2 points

I found today in the heat, I just needed something cool and refreshing - sorbet was it. 2 scoops from Wendys (they measure their quantities by weight) = 3 points - YUM!

You could avoid having a cone too! Save some more points :)

Another for the BBQ I learnt from my meeting is swapping 1 general sausage (=6) for 3 sizzler sausages (2 points each). Who knew? I thought sizzlers would be more.

I also got some tips for basic goal setting:

Smart Substitutions. Did you know that a serving of mayonnaise has 100 calories, while a serving of mustard only has 11? A few of these substitutions every day and you’ve got a great head start.

Combine Goals. Works especially well with social or family goals. See if there’s somebody who can join you for a walk, make a healthy dinner together, or start a community garden.

Think 10-15 Minutes. We’re all faced with little blocks of time throughout the day that could be put to better use. See how many you can fill up with short bursts of physical activity.

Plan Ahead. Every program could benefit from a little forethought. The SparkDiet meal planner is just one example. Something as important as your health deserves some concentration.

I think for me, one big important things in goal setting is organisation, and good time management!

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