Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's February!

Its February already!

Students start leaking back into school tomorrow...Im in two minds. I'm looking forward to seeing them, but would prefer another week before actually starting to teach them. Anyway, the week is only 4 days and only two of them are teaching days, so its not too bad.

The weekend was productive - got three lots of exercise in..yay!

Had a PT session on Saturday morning - lots of strength training. Did these sets of dead lifts with bar bells. I understand the name. Lots of squats too...I feel the effect of those!

I feel Ive done pretty well with my eating habits - no junk! At a BBQ last night - I had lots of salad, vege kebabs, and two pieces of meat. I'm somewhat limiting my alcohol as two points per glass of wine can add up. Just one glass for a taste is working at the moment :)

The nicest thing about the BBQ is that Steve and Michelle both took into account Anthony and I were in WW and made sure everything was in a good points range. That was awesome!

Today we had a christening followed by lunch. Again went healthy. Didn't touch the yummy cheeses, the chips and even refused the gorgeous looking cake. There were also plenty of other options to eat that were healthier.

A couple of poochie walks made up the rest of my exercise. So far so good.

I actually think I might be getting slightly fitter :)

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