Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boxing rules!

Another PT workout this morning. Was up and atom early and keen!

15mins on the cross trainer and a boxing session was hard out but awesome at the same time. Lots of cardio!

I also started on 31 points for food today. It was hard to get up to that many points although I will get used to it.

Gave blood also. Have to eat afterwards to avoid faintness etc. I declined the chocolate biscuits (YES!) and had only 2 crackers with cheese and marmite (approx 2 points for them both). I survived temptation. This could quite easily be my downfall, but I stood strong. Truth is, I didn't even want the chocolate biscuits. Good attitude!

Went out for lunch. Still find it easier to get a vege option. Today was zucchini and feta fritters (2) and a salad with a little lemon aioli - about 4 points. And truly yummy too!

Giving blood takes it toll after a while and didn't even feel better after another half hour walk with hubby and poochie. Good thing is I should sleep well tonight :)

Below is one of those inspirational stories from spark people. Sometimes its good to hear about success!

WOW, at 396 lbs I began in a water aerobics class. I was overwhelmed, and so out of shape that it was hard to do half of the class. I was winded by the time I had gotten out of my van and into the locker room. I had to rest before changing and getting into the pool.

WELL, things have changed a LOT since then. I have lost about 125 lbs.

MOST of this is due to continuing with water aerobics for the last year and a half. I have modified my eating and that also plays a huge part. I have increased water, and cut down on fats and sugars. I have not cut out anything at all. If I want chocolate, that is fine, but I limit myself to ONE hershey kiss, or ONE dove chocolate square, or 10 M&M's. If I want fries then I can have 10 fries. Just by seetting a limit and not letting myself mindlessly eat it makes a HUGE difference. Water, water, and more water seems to be a HUGE key to my success as well.

WELL, I was approached by the manager at the pool and told that I should begin thinking about becoming a water aerobics instructor substitute. I laughed it off and thought in another 100 lbs.

THEN, another instructor who is very persuasive, independently told me that I am ready, and my fitness level is much higher than I think it is. I was also told that I have the personality, energy, enthusiasm and passion it takes, that technique can be taught. I still was hesitant at my weight, but she talked me into coming to some land classes to prove to myself that I could do it. After line dancing all night New years, and doing a couple of aerobics classes on land, I realized I am WAY more ready than I thought.

SO after the manager of the pool pulled me aside on Saturday and told me she wants me registered for the state certification in March, and that she has Jury Duty in Feb and needs me covering I realized this was real, not just a blank offer. Tomorrow I will be turning in my application and filling out paperwork. To make this official. I am just so amazed at the changes life has brought me. I feel SO blessed.

SO my advice, is to keep working out. One day and one step at a time. You can and WILL become more fit, you will feel better, and you will lose weight.

Keep on track. Tina

A good inspirational journey!

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