Monday, January 19, 2009

A Red Bull would be good right now!

Day 5:

Very tired today. At times had heaps of energy, then it just faded. I assume it's my body getting used to different food, and maybe lack of it.

I actually ate 3 points over today - not on purpose - just the chicken breast was bigger and more points than I thought. I also had some vita wheat crackers for a snack...oooo naughty me!

Will feel the benefit of more points I hope.

Had a BBQ tonight - is a very healthy way of cooking food - no fatty residue.

No exercise tonight as planned - had to deal with a break in next door, a richochet bottle hitting our place and my husband going of the handle at some teen without knowing the full story. I came to the conclusion, that teaching has made me a lot more reasonable in situations like those. While hubby went in with brut force, I found out without physical force what was actually going on. I do think however I got the same adrenalin rush from tonights events as from exercise.

Will make up for it tomorrow. Yes I will damnit!!!

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