Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sleep...I need sleep

Day 4:

Too hot at night - did not get to sleep until around 4am. Slept a few hours, then awake. Very tired!

Many a time I have eaten to give myself energy. In theory it should work, but rarely does.

Late breakfast and lunch - the later times left me less hungry. Drunk more fluids today.

Have also remembered that I can eat many vegetables without adding points. Must remember that in times of hunger. A raw carrot helped hunger tonight.

Ventured for takeouts tonight - a single kebab. No combo as I would have normally done - just a lonely kebab. I am a little scared of the thought of adding meat and the points consequence so opted for the mixed vegetable kebab - still was delicious.

However I made the mistake of assuming tahini was all good. However after now checking with hubby and wikipedia - I now know it is seseme paste and added 2 points to my daily total - gutted. I have become precious about my points!

Exercise was a half hour walk to the ma in laws with hubby and poochie. Decent walk, although due to late night and rain it was a ride time.

Am also tracking my weight and other goals at:

Here you can get recipes, join discussion groups, set goals, etc - heaps of stuff. And its FREE to join!

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