Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back to School!

Like many children around the world, I too as a teacher struggle to go back to school. No more sleep ins, no more lazy days, hanging with mates, and have mid afternoon beach walks...well for a while anyway.

Back to school I went for admin purposes etc, the kids dont come back in until tomorrow initially for course confirmation, then Monday for school. Spent far longer than I wanted there, and didnt get lunch until nearly 4pm when I returned home. I was famished!

Getting home, I was pretty tired - amazing how tired you get when you use your brain for the first time in six weeks! Will be like that for the first week or so until into a routine.

Anyway, next phase of eating properly and coping with school again, and making the two exist in harmony so to speak. The key will be organisation I'm guessing though!

Had a good walk tonight with hubby and poochie up the river bank for 45 mins.

Second weigh in tomorrow...here's hoping for a loss!

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