Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary Baby!

1 year ago today - I got married to my sweetie. Married life is great! I fully recommend it. Time has flown - alas the wieght didn't and invited its friends around.

However thats all changed this year!

I should really get a picture here to show me now, then and then another next year to show progress. Put onto the to do list.

Very hot here today - a beach walk with poochie was very hot - the water was refreshing! Even that was warm, and occasionally you could see the small fish around your feet, cool!

Ant's mum made us dinner for our anniversary - roast lamb, salad, and potato. I did not over do it, and now I remain with points in hand and didnt eat them all. This may aid Saturday when I ate more than I should have! It was tres bien! Even could have a couple of glasses of wine to celebrate too!

What a great day! Tomorrow, I go to school for the first time this year....holidays are over :(

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