Sunday, January 25, 2009

Over the points.....damn going out for food!

A rather busy weekend. Possibly not my best weight loss weekend. I went over my points on Saturday...but all day I had been sooooo hungry. Why...I dont know. I had not eaten 5 from the day before.

I was doing okay until I went out to the pub, bet on the races and indulged in a lamb roast. It was very good, but hard to tell how some of the vegetables were cooked and there was gravy! The late night steak sandwiches didnt help either Im guessing either. More exercise to work that off.

Today I went to a BBQ and controlled myself, selecting small bits of meat, having salad, and only one roll. I have eaten my points today but no more.

I need to work on my going out eating skills.

My one year wedding anniversary one year. Off to the ma-in-laws for dinner - a lamb roast. I think this will involve limited low point eating during the day!

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