Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weight Watchers is even on Facebook!

After signing into Facebook today, I thought I would do a search and what do you know...heaps of groups, discussion boards, recipes swaps and even an application to count your points from calories...sweet!

Did 50 minutes of walking today. 30 minutes at the beach walking with the poochie, and then a 20 minute walk around A town also with poochie. She didnt complain at all.

Had my first sweet indulgence and the best thing - 0 points! WW jelly - not as good as normal greggs stuff but still has the illusion of sweetness.

First weigh in tomorrow night, I really hope I have lost. I have to say I have been extremely good over the past week, and am quite proud of my efforts. Guess wait and see.

I'm still a little tired, but a little more energy than the past couple of days. My mood is fairly balanced, although holiday boredom has really set in.

Obama's inauguration tomorrow...a big day in history!

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