Thursday, January 15, 2009

In the beginning....

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

This a saying I have heard many times in my own life. However, now today is the day I have nominated for a permanent change. I need to lose weight.

A brief history...

I am almost 31 years old.

I have never known life as a person who is of average weight.

I was even born heavy (9lb)

My weight and size could be said to be linked to some of the problems I have had in my life.

However, even though I have been of a more rubenesque size all of my life, I am not miserable for it. I am not socially inept, I do exercise, could possibly do more sport, am married to a wonderful man, had a good childhood, great family and friends and have been successful in my career thus far.

I have tried many diets/fads/exercise regimes over the years. I have had the most success with weight watchers. When preparing for my wedding two years ago, I joined. I lost 20 kilos. It was awesome! And, yes I did feel better for it.

But then I got married at the beginning of 2008, and I had the happy newly married year. I went awry - ate what I wanted, when I wanted and ceased to care much. My health went to the crapper once again, blood pressure rose, had more issues with my mild bipolar condition and became more miserable. No ones fault, but mine.

2009 - Its not a new years resolution. It is a life change. Last night, my husband and I joined and rejoined WW.

The weigh in proved what I had kind of thought - I had put those 20 kilos I had lost back on, but luckily no more.

Today is Day: 1

In the first week of the points plan - to get a quick start to the weight loss I am allowed 22 points a day. Next week I will be on 32 (as worked out by a quiz I had to fill out according to age/weight/gender/activity and a couple of other things).

Watching what you eat and logging it makes you so much more aware of what is going into my mouth. I skipped breakfast - not good. Breakfast is very important, and by lunch I was starving!

I managed my 22 points for today.

I need to drink more, especially water!

Too tired to exercise today.

Completed a healthy shop with husband - proud of efforts. Lots of variety.

Intentions are good and motivation is strong! Yay Me!

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