Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Personal Trainer

Day 3

Met with Clayton my long serving Personal Trainer today to discuss goals. While it is not the first time I have done this with him, I felt a lot more motivated about it today. Firstly I also said that I would not be into any fad thing as have tried with him in the past such as pills, powders, shakes etc (those experiences will be blogged about at a later date).

Showed him the WW outline - he is skeptical and can tell he doesnt like the points system and wants to know the equivalent kJ or calorie rating - just to get an idea on how many points = how many calories.

So the goal - 6 months - lose 17 kilos - to be done by July 17th 2009. Doable - yes as long as the average weight loss per week is approx 650 grams.

Keeping motivated is the key! Will be tough love from Clayton - no bullshit - basically what I respond to best I guess.

Went for the first walk of the programme today with poochie - was good - and with the temperatures as they are got a bit of sweat going on. All good.

Eating points was easier today - even had freshly caught fish (courtesy of hubby's hunter gathering skills). A lot of veges eaten. Still a bit hungry at the end of it all though.

Drank an extra glass of water - hot weather helps!

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