Friday, January 30, 2009

Goal setting

While I want to be smaller - I need to constantly remind myself why I am doing this - what are my goals? This is a useful tool to keep me focused.

3 reasons:

1) I want to lower my blood pressure (slightly higher than normal at the moment but I want it normal)

2) I would like to be able to buy clothes from the normal size section of womens clothing stores, and not be restricted to the plus size section.

3) My husband and I would like to start a family sooner rather than later. I need to be in good health, be in reasonable fitness, have hormones, blood pressure etc all in normal range to increase this chance.

My weight goals are not completely set at the moment. I want to do small achieveable weight goals in order to get to bigger higher weight loss.

A good swap which still tastes good is swapping ice cream for sorbet.

100ml vanilla icecream (approx 1 scoop) = 4 points and 100ml low fat sorbet = 2 points

I found today in the heat, I just needed something cool and refreshing - sorbet was it. 2 scoops from Wendys (they measure their quantities by weight) = 3 points - YUM!

You could avoid having a cone too! Save some more points :)

Another for the BBQ I learnt from my meeting is swapping 1 general sausage (=6) for 3 sizzler sausages (2 points each). Who knew? I thought sizzlers would be more.

I also got some tips for basic goal setting:

Smart Substitutions. Did you know that a serving of mayonnaise has 100 calories, while a serving of mustard only has 11? A few of these substitutions every day and you’ve got a great head start.

Combine Goals. Works especially well with social or family goals. See if there’s somebody who can join you for a walk, make a healthy dinner together, or start a community garden.

Think 10-15 Minutes. We’re all faced with little blocks of time throughout the day that could be put to better use. See how many you can fill up with short bursts of physical activity.

Plan Ahead. Every program could benefit from a little forethought. The SparkDiet meal planner is just one example. Something as important as your health deserves some concentration.

I think for me, one big important things in goal setting is organisation, and good time management!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weigh in #2

Tonight its a short one.

Weigh in: lost 1.6 kilos - thats 3.5lbs

Total lost in 2 weeks: 5.5 kilos - thats 12.1lbs

Pretty chuffed!

Went out for our anniversary dinner and had lamb with veges (slightly gourmet) and sherbet with pineapple for dessert. Yum. I have calculated I also only went over my points by 3. Not bad since I havent been eating all my points in the last few days in preparation :)

Good day!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back to School!

Like many children around the world, I too as a teacher struggle to go back to school. No more sleep ins, no more lazy days, hanging with mates, and have mid afternoon beach walks...well for a while anyway.

Back to school I went for admin purposes etc, the kids dont come back in until tomorrow initially for course confirmation, then Monday for school. Spent far longer than I wanted there, and didnt get lunch until nearly 4pm when I returned home. I was famished!

Getting home, I was pretty tired - amazing how tired you get when you use your brain for the first time in six weeks! Will be like that for the first week or so until into a routine.

Anyway, next phase of eating properly and coping with school again, and making the two exist in harmony so to speak. The key will be organisation I'm guessing though!

Had a good walk tonight with hubby and poochie up the river bank for 45 mins.

Second weigh in's hoping for a loss!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Anniversary Baby!

1 year ago today - I got married to my sweetie. Married life is great! I fully recommend it. Time has flown - alas the wieght didn't and invited its friends around.

However thats all changed this year!

I should really get a picture here to show me now, then and then another next year to show progress. Put onto the to do list.

Very hot here today - a beach walk with poochie was very hot - the water was refreshing! Even that was warm, and occasionally you could see the small fish around your feet, cool!

Ant's mum made us dinner for our anniversary - roast lamb, salad, and potato. I did not over do it, and now I remain with points in hand and didnt eat them all. This may aid Saturday when I ate more than I should have! It was tres bien! Even could have a couple of glasses of wine to celebrate too!

What a great day! Tomorrow, I go to school for the first time this year....holidays are over :(

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Over the points.....damn going out for food!

A rather busy weekend. Possibly not my best weight loss weekend. I went over my points on Saturday...but all day I had been sooooo hungry. Why...I dont know. I had not eaten 5 from the day before.

I was doing okay until I went out to the pub, bet on the races and indulged in a lamb roast. It was very good, but hard to tell how some of the vegetables were cooked and there was gravy! The late night steak sandwiches didnt help either Im guessing either. More exercise to work that off.

Today I went to a BBQ and controlled myself, selecting small bits of meat, having salad, and only one roll. I have eaten my points today but no more.

I need to work on my going out eating skills.

My one year wedding anniversary one year. Off to the ma-in-laws for dinner - a lamb roast. I think this will involve limited low point eating during the day!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Day Off

A Day off exercising today...Im sore. My hands are sore from boxing yesterday.

Still good with the food. Didn't eat all my points - and even had a foot long sub (low fat of course), and it was good!

Not a lot to report on today - was chilled.

HOD called up to discuss school stuff...the holidays are near an!

'till tomorrow!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Boxing rules!

Another PT workout this morning. Was up and atom early and keen!

15mins on the cross trainer and a boxing session was hard out but awesome at the same time. Lots of cardio!

I also started on 31 points for food today. It was hard to get up to that many points although I will get used to it.

Gave blood also. Have to eat afterwards to avoid faintness etc. I declined the chocolate biscuits (YES!) and had only 2 crackers with cheese and marmite (approx 2 points for them both). I survived temptation. This could quite easily be my downfall, but I stood strong. Truth is, I didn't even want the chocolate biscuits. Good attitude!

Went out for lunch. Still find it easier to get a vege option. Today was zucchini and feta fritters (2) and a salad with a little lemon aioli - about 4 points. And truly yummy too!

Giving blood takes it toll after a while and didn't even feel better after another half hour walk with hubby and poochie. Good thing is I should sleep well tonight :)

Below is one of those inspirational stories from spark people. Sometimes its good to hear about success!

WOW, at 396 lbs I began in a water aerobics class. I was overwhelmed, and so out of shape that it was hard to do half of the class. I was winded by the time I had gotten out of my van and into the locker room. I had to rest before changing and getting into the pool.

WELL, things have changed a LOT since then. I have lost about 125 lbs.

MOST of this is due to continuing with water aerobics for the last year and a half. I have modified my eating and that also plays a huge part. I have increased water, and cut down on fats and sugars. I have not cut out anything at all. If I want chocolate, that is fine, but I limit myself to ONE hershey kiss, or ONE dove chocolate square, or 10 M&M's. If I want fries then I can have 10 fries. Just by seetting a limit and not letting myself mindlessly eat it makes a HUGE difference. Water, water, and more water seems to be a HUGE key to my success as well.

WELL, I was approached by the manager at the pool and told that I should begin thinking about becoming a water aerobics instructor substitute. I laughed it off and thought in another 100 lbs.

THEN, another instructor who is very persuasive, independently told me that I am ready, and my fitness level is much higher than I think it is. I was also told that I have the personality, energy, enthusiasm and passion it takes, that technique can be taught. I still was hesitant at my weight, but she talked me into coming to some land classes to prove to myself that I could do it. After line dancing all night New years, and doing a couple of aerobics classes on land, I realized I am WAY more ready than I thought.

SO after the manager of the pool pulled me aside on Saturday and told me she wants me registered for the state certification in March, and that she has Jury Duty in Feb and needs me covering I realized this was real, not just a blank offer. Tomorrow I will be turning in my application and filling out paperwork. To make this official. I am just so amazed at the changes life has brought me. I feel SO blessed.

SO my advice, is to keep working out. One day and one step at a time. You can and WILL become more fit, you will feel better, and you will lose weight.

Keep on track. Tina

A good inspirational journey!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The First Weigh In

Arrghhh the first week has come to a conclusion, and with that is the weigh in at the WW meeting. The worst part..waiting and waiting in the line, and wondering have I lost, have I gained???

For a first week effort at the Kick start points (22) - I lost 3.9 kilos (8.6lbs). That is almost 8 blocks of butter. Im pretty stoked.

Hubby lost 1.4 kilos too, which is awesome. Very proud.

From tomorrow, am up to 31 points. I won't know what to do with myself and all those points!

Desert tonight was watermelon...fresh and yum!

So Im feeling pretty good. I exercised twice today. Had a strenuous session with Claytonator - mostly strength training but also squats and step ups....I was puffing and sweating. Just not that fit. Just keep going! Plus also took poochie to the beach for a walk, and almost a swim when she wouldn't get out of the water!

So today, a good day :)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Weight Watchers is even on Facebook!

After signing into Facebook today, I thought I would do a search and what do you know...heaps of groups, discussion boards, recipes swaps and even an application to count your points from calories...sweet!

Did 50 minutes of walking today. 30 minutes at the beach walking with the poochie, and then a 20 minute walk around A town also with poochie. She didnt complain at all.

Had my first sweet indulgence and the best thing - 0 points! WW jelly - not as good as normal greggs stuff but still has the illusion of sweetness.

First weigh in tomorrow night, I really hope I have lost. I have to say I have been extremely good over the past week, and am quite proud of my efforts. Guess wait and see.

I'm still a little tired, but a little more energy than the past couple of days. My mood is fairly balanced, although holiday boredom has really set in.

Obama's inauguration tomorrow...a big day in history!

Monday, January 19, 2009

A Red Bull would be good right now!

Day 5:

Very tired today. At times had heaps of energy, then it just faded. I assume it's my body getting used to different food, and maybe lack of it.

I actually ate 3 points over today - not on purpose - just the chicken breast was bigger and more points than I thought. I also had some vita wheat crackers for a snack...oooo naughty me!

Will feel the benefit of more points I hope.

Had a BBQ tonight - is a very healthy way of cooking food - no fatty residue.

No exercise tonight as planned - had to deal with a break in next door, a richochet bottle hitting our place and my husband going of the handle at some teen without knowing the full story. I came to the conclusion, that teaching has made me a lot more reasonable in situations like those. While hubby went in with brut force, I found out without physical force what was actually going on. I do think however I got the same adrenalin rush from tonights events as from exercise.

Will make up for it tomorrow. Yes I will damnit!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Studies in wieght loss

Below is a link to show three studies that show trends in weight loss or gain

The second is an article on 6 "FAD" diets and what does not work and why.

And the third is an article about the seven worst ways to eat and why.

All very interesting reading.

What I learn from this - keep a food diary, detox diets are a bit of bullshit (maybe short term like a few days ok, but not long term), I have too much access to snacks at work, and chew chew chew!

Sleep...I need sleep

Day 4:

Too hot at night - did not get to sleep until around 4am. Slept a few hours, then awake. Very tired!

Many a time I have eaten to give myself energy. In theory it should work, but rarely does.

Late breakfast and lunch - the later times left me less hungry. Drunk more fluids today.

Have also remembered that I can eat many vegetables without adding points. Must remember that in times of hunger. A raw carrot helped hunger tonight.

Ventured for takeouts tonight - a single kebab. No combo as I would have normally done - just a lonely kebab. I am a little scared of the thought of adding meat and the points consequence so opted for the mixed vegetable kebab - still was delicious.

However I made the mistake of assuming tahini was all good. However after now checking with hubby and wikipedia - I now know it is seseme paste and added 2 points to my daily total - gutted. I have become precious about my points!

Exercise was a half hour walk to the ma in laws with hubby and poochie. Decent walk, although due to late night and rain it was a ride time.

Am also tracking my weight and other goals at:

Here you can get recipes, join discussion groups, set goals, etc - heaps of stuff. And its FREE to join!

The Personal Trainer

Day 3

Met with Clayton my long serving Personal Trainer today to discuss goals. While it is not the first time I have done this with him, I felt a lot more motivated about it today. Firstly I also said that I would not be into any fad thing as have tried with him in the past such as pills, powders, shakes etc (those experiences will be blogged about at a later date).

Showed him the WW outline - he is skeptical and can tell he doesnt like the points system and wants to know the equivalent kJ or calorie rating - just to get an idea on how many points = how many calories.

So the goal - 6 months - lose 17 kilos - to be done by July 17th 2009. Doable - yes as long as the average weight loss per week is approx 650 grams.

Keeping motivated is the key! Will be tough love from Clayton - no bullshit - basically what I respond to best I guess.

Went for the first walk of the programme today with poochie - was good - and with the temperatures as they are got a bit of sweat going on. All good.

Eating points was easier today - even had freshly caught fish (courtesy of hubby's hunter gathering skills). A lot of veges eaten. Still a bit hungry at the end of it all though.

Drank an extra glass of water - hot weather helps!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Breakfast actually is the most important meal of the day!

Day 2 and I feel better today.

I had breakfast - made such a difference. I had energy!

For the first week to kick start the diet I eat/drink only 22 points per day. I must admit, I was hungry when I went to bed, but its only for a week, then back to 32.

I need to control my hunger better - eat more vegetables during the day to curb it.

Good point: Went to the movies - had a trim mocha and a diet coke - no popcorn - lighthouse Petone is actually a popcorn free zone - WW friendly cinema for me :)

Bad point - need to have a trim mocha as a treat, and not drink caffeine after dinner - this equals little sleep.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

In the beginning....

Today is the first day of the rest of your life.

This a saying I have heard many times in my own life. However, now today is the day I have nominated for a permanent change. I need to lose weight.

A brief history...

I am almost 31 years old.

I have never known life as a person who is of average weight.

I was even born heavy (9lb)

My weight and size could be said to be linked to some of the problems I have had in my life.

However, even though I have been of a more rubenesque size all of my life, I am not miserable for it. I am not socially inept, I do exercise, could possibly do more sport, am married to a wonderful man, had a good childhood, great family and friends and have been successful in my career thus far.

I have tried many diets/fads/exercise regimes over the years. I have had the most success with weight watchers. When preparing for my wedding two years ago, I joined. I lost 20 kilos. It was awesome! And, yes I did feel better for it.

But then I got married at the beginning of 2008, and I had the happy newly married year. I went awry - ate what I wanted, when I wanted and ceased to care much. My health went to the crapper once again, blood pressure rose, had more issues with my mild bipolar condition and became more miserable. No ones fault, but mine.

2009 - Its not a new years resolution. It is a life change. Last night, my husband and I joined and rejoined WW.

The weigh in proved what I had kind of thought - I had put those 20 kilos I had lost back on, but luckily no more.

Today is Day: 1

In the first week of the points plan - to get a quick start to the weight loss I am allowed 22 points a day. Next week I will be on 32 (as worked out by a quiz I had to fill out according to age/weight/gender/activity and a couple of other things).

Watching what you eat and logging it makes you so much more aware of what is going into my mouth. I skipped breakfast - not good. Breakfast is very important, and by lunch I was starving!

I managed my 22 points for today.

I need to drink more, especially water!

Too tired to exercise today.

Completed a healthy shop with husband - proud of efforts. Lots of variety.

Intentions are good and motivation is strong! Yay Me!