Monday, March 30, 2009

Slept in!

What a doofus! I never made it to WW this week as I slept in, waking up long after the meeting ended....may have had something to do with the disjointed sleep I had when my husband wondered in from his leaving drinks at 4am.

Anyway, a bit of a struggle getting back into it last week after basically a week of indulgence. Managed walks, had one training session in which I worked out with Fish who had her six month old baby Charlotte with her. While exercise was done, there was also a lot of chatting, giggling and cooing at the baby especially when she started sucking the boxing glove - too cute!!! From that I figured out why I work out on my own. I remember previous gyms sessions with other friends where gossiping was key and also a lot of time in the sauna (maybe not all bad, but not exactly productive!)

Anyway...I signed up for BOOT CAMP. Starts next Monday 6AM! Monday, Wednesday and Fridays for 4 weeks - IM SCARED! I think that sums that up - more details as it gets started. I'm hoping for some decent results, and my trainer said I would not be the most soft person there - here's hoping. I think that is my worst fear - like being picked last for a team or being the last one on a tramp by miles. Hmmmm.

My clothes continue to feel a bit looser. I put on a skirt today, and there was a major gap between my tummy and the skirt and it wasnt even an elasticated skirt! Choice!

My best moment of the week was on Saturday night when out with friends, I had Chicken breast for dinner and took off the crispy skin and left it. People noticed this and couldn't understand. I just could not eat it. Yet Sam had no problems taking it from me - I like that - out of sight out of mind. Kate said I was now in the "zone" Well I hope I stay there!

Less than two weeks till holidays.....cannot wait!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

No weigh in this week....birthday time :)

This week - no weigh in.

It was my birthday week, so indulgence was the way - not over the top but a few good drinks, a few dinners out and birthday cake were consumed.

So tomorrow - I start the process of working all that off!

Still a good week was had :)...although 31 now......the biological clock ticks away!

Until next week, have a good one!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

10 kilos....gone!

I didn't know what to expect from this week. I caught the flu bug going around work - leaving me at home sick Monday and Tuesday and still not quite right at the moment.

However, still managed some exercise in - if only walking - its better than nothing.

I decided to take my measurements this week to see if even though I had gained some weight - maybe I had lost some size. I was pleasantly surprised! I had lost a little everywhere. YAY!

My clothes are a little looser - getting a little big on top and don't quite fit right now. No use buying new stuff right now as I want to be smaller! Its a good feeling. I put on some new 3/4 pants last night and they were fitting well - not pulling to get the zip and button up - good feeling!

Anyway, I went open minded to WW yesterday - after a fast paced walk with my trainer, and I had lost 1.8 kilos (4lbs) this week! AWESOME!

This took me to 10.4 kilos overall (22.9lbs). Because I had gone over the 10 kilo mark, I get another 5 kilo lost sticker :)

So a good week all in all (except being sick), and was proud of myself when going out for brunch - I got an omlette that was egg white only and without cheese (had other vege fillings). It was surprisingly nice.

Next week is my birthday so I may be a little indulgent ;)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another gain...what the???

I gained 400g in this weeks weigh in. This time Im really upset about it, as I've been eating well and exercising this week. The leader at WW did say sometimes it takes a couple of weeks to show up on the scales. In that the 400g I put on still a residual of my blowout weekend a couple of weeks ago???

I will definitely not drink and eat like that all in one night..the reprecusions are not worth it.

Anthony stayed the same weight this week. Being the great husband he is, I almost cried after weigh in and he gave me a huge hug. It is demoralising! Im now back under the 9 kilo mark - down to 8.6 kilos lost. A here I thought I was on the doorstep of 10kilos.

Perserverance, determination..I have to keep going!

A huge walk today though - from home up to Melling bridge and back - 5.75km (around 3.5 miles) . I feel good after it.

My workout with Clayton was a killer yesterday....lots of squats, shoulder presses, and lat pull downs - with short pulses....screams were butt is very sore today....all for the greater good though. I had a boxing workout on was awesome!

Here's to a good week - with hopefully a change in the right direction!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The first gain

I put on 200 grams this week...gutted.

Surprisingly Im ok with this. Last weekend, I had a blow out - a lot of alcohol, indulged in some cheezels, a kebab at 2am and had a kick ass time. I havent't drunk like that for a long time, I just needed release. A few friends I work with arent enjoying the year as much as last year, and it was a good way to get rid of frustrations etc.

I don't do this every day - so this week was a bump in the road.

How am I getting back on track - Im going back to the fast start programme (22 points) for a week, and doing more exercise.

The ol' ankle/tendon and very tight muscles prevented me from working out on Monday and Tuesday. At my trainer on Wednesday - it was a strict upper body workout. Better than nothing right?

This week Ive also started taking girth measurements too to assess downsizing in other ways. Some of my clothes are looser. I can feel a little more muscle in my legs (nicer than fat wobbles!)

So for now - Ive still lost 9 kilos. This week I want to get those 200g back and a bit more.

Heres hoping!!!