Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The First Weigh In

Arrghhh the first week has come to a conclusion, and with that is the weigh in at the WW meeting. The worst part..waiting and waiting in the line, and wondering have I lost, have I gained???

For a first week effort at the Kick start points (22) - I lost 3.9 kilos (8.6lbs). That is almost 8 blocks of butter. Im pretty stoked.

Hubby lost 1.4 kilos too, which is awesome. Very proud.

From tomorrow, am up to 31 points. I won't know what to do with myself and all those points!

Desert tonight was watermelon...fresh and yum!

So Im feeling pretty good. I exercised twice today. Had a strenuous session with Claytonator - mostly strength training but also squats and step ups....I was puffing and sweating. Just not that fit. Just keep going! Plus also took poochie to the beach for a walk, and almost a swim when she wouldn't get out of the water!

So today, a good day :)

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