Saturday, May 16, 2009

Where's the wagon...I need to get back on!

Been a couple of weeks since the last entry. Had a few situations over the last fortnight that have been straining emotionally, but now Im ready to get back on track.

I am an emotional eater. Having found out recently I may not be able to have children has been a big blow - not that we wanted them right now, but to have the option ripped away from you has been fairly traumatic for me - has affected me more than I thought. I dont really want to go into details here, but hopefully the prognosis may change in time.

So since boot camp, Ive been out for a few rather nice dinners, have lapsed a little on exercise,and have enjoyed a few glasses of vino at various do's. I've also put work and my uni paper ahead of me - poor time managment. My family dog (parents) also passed on after a long life of 13 years. Sad. Today at WW, it showed up as gaining 700g (1.5lbs) over two weeks :( so now weight loss is down to 13.5kilos, still guess it is a loss.

So from here...

Get back on the exercise wagon, watch what I eat and make healthier choices, and cut down on the quickly adds on the kilos...not really worth it.

I'm also trying neural lingusitic programming with a therapist to change my way of thought about food etc. His programme is called "Get the fat out of your head" and over 12 sessions, it aims to resort and retrain my head space to be more aware and make better choices, and also work on my self image. I have nothing to lose. Will update how this goes, but before my first session on Tuesday I have a fair bit of reading to do!

Next stage of boot camp starts in about 2.5 weeks, which will be good (in the end ;) ).

Ok, not the most motivating of entries, but achieving a new life style is a roller just got to ride it! If you don't make mistakes, how can you learn.

Lets hope for better next time.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Boot Camp completed!

And the results from the four weeks of fitness at the crack of dawn.....

Lost 2.5 kilos over the time.

Lost cm's everywhere (wicked)

Feel more toned - can even feel muscle now :)

Feel fitter - even doing the odd jogs now!

This week I have had a few people comment - non relations! That's nice as many of them don't know Im actively trying to lose weight etc.

So all together:

Total weight loss = 14.2 kilos (31.2lbs)

The next boot camp (intermediate) starts in 3 weeks - have a programme so I don't lose what I have gained in fitness to do over the time.

One thing I will look forward to is not getting up at 530am for the next 3 weeks :)