Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mr Sandman where are you??

Haven't been for my weigh in this week yet - had a anthropology lecture tonight so will go to WW tomorrow night.

I havent had the best week. I haven't really over indulged except for an ice cream, some movie popcorn and burger king on Saturday but that may be enough.

After the 5th week - I am really tired. Working out in some way 6 days a week is making my body a bit painful and achy. Teaching all day and working at night does not aid the cause. To top it all off Im not sleeping well at all - have not pin pointed the reason. Unfortunately, I fell asleep at the wrong time yesterday when I was meant to go to my trainer! I am struggling!

On the plus side, my walking pace has increased, and I am feeling fitter. Walked up the stairs at the war memorial today and was OK! Yay :)

A link I just found on ways to cut calories.

I just want some sleep!

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