Sunday, February 1, 2009

Preparing for weight loss

An article from Spark people on setting yourself up for the future...when the weight loss has occurred.

Millions of people hope to lose weight. Only a few actually prepare for it. They treat it like a treasure hunt, setting off on a quest and hoping it’ll all work out. No wonder the dieting failure rate hovers near 95%. Any time you’ve reached a meaningful goal, it was because you were ready for it. It didn’t just happen or fall in your lap. If it did, that’s more good fortune than goal achievement. The difference between hoping something will happen and making it happen is preparation. Not too many people lose weight through luck or good fortune, so you’ll probably have to rely on preparation. How do you create an environment that’s more help than hurt?

Prevent Temptations
Promote Convenience
Purchase Wisely

Here are some strategies you can start right now to be more prepared:

Prevent Temptations

Start in the kitchen. Begin replacing unhealthy foods with healthier alternatives. Do a full kitchen healthy inspection. Setting up shop now will keep you from giving in to temptation later.
Take lunch and healthy snacks to work. When the munchies come calling, you won’t need to run to the vending machine.
Eat a snack before leaving to eat out. You’ll be less hungry and less apt to order a gooey appetizer.
Eat breakfast. A growling stomach is just asking for snacking trouble.

Promote Convenience

Pack a gym bag and keep it in your car for use on a moment’s notice.
Leave healthy snacks throughout your house, your office and even your car.
When you do cook, make a double batch and store some for later.

Purchase Wisely

No need for a trendy, expensive membership if the local gym has what you’ll actually use.
The most important piece of fitness equipment you’ll have is a good, comfortable pair of gym or running shoes. Make sure you have the right pair.
Big equipment purchases aren’t needed right now. Start with some home gym basics (exercise ball, resistance bands, small medicine ball, jump rope, small dumbbells) and build as time goes.
Get one water bottle or water cup for home and one for work.

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