Monday, March 30, 2009

Slept in!

What a doofus! I never made it to WW this week as I slept in, waking up long after the meeting ended....may have had something to do with the disjointed sleep I had when my husband wondered in from his leaving drinks at 4am.

Anyway, a bit of a struggle getting back into it last week after basically a week of indulgence. Managed walks, had one training session in which I worked out with Fish who had her six month old baby Charlotte with her. While exercise was done, there was also a lot of chatting, giggling and cooing at the baby especially when she started sucking the boxing glove - too cute!!! From that I figured out why I work out on my own. I remember previous gyms sessions with other friends where gossiping was key and also a lot of time in the sauna (maybe not all bad, but not exactly productive!)

Anyway...I signed up for BOOT CAMP. Starts next Monday 6AM! Monday, Wednesday and Fridays for 4 weeks - IM SCARED! I think that sums that up - more details as it gets started. I'm hoping for some decent results, and my trainer said I would not be the most soft person there - here's hoping. I think that is my worst fear - like being picked last for a team or being the last one on a tramp by miles. Hmmmm.

My clothes continue to feel a bit looser. I put on a skirt today, and there was a major gap between my tummy and the skirt and it wasnt even an elasticated skirt! Choice!

My best moment of the week was on Saturday night when out with friends, I had Chicken breast for dinner and took off the crispy skin and left it. People noticed this and couldn't understand. I just could not eat it. Yet Sam had no problems taking it from me - I like that - out of sight out of mind. Kate said I was now in the "zone" Well I hope I stay there!

Less than two weeks till holidays.....cannot wait!

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  1. Great job!
    I feel the same way about working out with friends. I feel like I don't get as intense of a workout because I'm too busy talking and gossiping to focus on my workout. I have to get "in the zone" to actually burn some calories... haha.