Sunday, March 1, 2009

The first gain

I put on 200 grams this week...gutted.

Surprisingly Im ok with this. Last weekend, I had a blow out - a lot of alcohol, indulged in some cheezels, a kebab at 2am and had a kick ass time. I havent't drunk like that for a long time, I just needed release. A few friends I work with arent enjoying the year as much as last year, and it was a good way to get rid of frustrations etc.

I don't do this every day - so this week was a bump in the road.

How am I getting back on track - Im going back to the fast start programme (22 points) for a week, and doing more exercise.

The ol' ankle/tendon and very tight muscles prevented me from working out on Monday and Tuesday. At my trainer on Wednesday - it was a strict upper body workout. Better than nothing right?

This week Ive also started taking girth measurements too to assess downsizing in other ways. Some of my clothes are looser. I can feel a little more muscle in my legs (nicer than fat wobbles!)

So for now - Ive still lost 9 kilos. This week I want to get those 200g back and a bit more.

Heres hoping!!!

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