Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another gain...what the???

I gained 400g in this weeks weigh in. This time Im really upset about it, as I've been eating well and exercising this week. The leader at WW did say sometimes it takes a couple of weeks to show up on the scales. In that the 400g I put on still a residual of my blowout weekend a couple of weeks ago???

I will definitely not drink and eat like that all in one night..the reprecusions are not worth it.

Anthony stayed the same weight this week. Being the great husband he is, I almost cried after weigh in and he gave me a huge hug. It is demoralising! Im now back under the 9 kilo mark - down to 8.6 kilos lost. A here I thought I was on the doorstep of 10kilos.

Perserverance, determination..I have to keep going!

A huge walk today though - from home up to Melling bridge and back - 5.75km (around 3.5 miles) . I feel good after it.

My workout with Clayton was a killer yesterday....lots of squats, shoulder presses, and lat pull downs - with short pulses....screams were butt is very sore today....all for the greater good though. I had a boxing workout on was awesome!

Here's to a good week - with hopefully a change in the right direction!

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  1. Maybe you gained muscle?? Your doing a great job!