Sunday, March 15, 2009

10 kilos....gone!

I didn't know what to expect from this week. I caught the flu bug going around work - leaving me at home sick Monday and Tuesday and still not quite right at the moment.

However, still managed some exercise in - if only walking - its better than nothing.

I decided to take my measurements this week to see if even though I had gained some weight - maybe I had lost some size. I was pleasantly surprised! I had lost a little everywhere. YAY!

My clothes are a little looser - getting a little big on top and don't quite fit right now. No use buying new stuff right now as I want to be smaller! Its a good feeling. I put on some new 3/4 pants last night and they were fitting well - not pulling to get the zip and button up - good feeling!

Anyway, I went open minded to WW yesterday - after a fast paced walk with my trainer, and I had lost 1.8 kilos (4lbs) this week! AWESOME!

This took me to 10.4 kilos overall (22.9lbs). Because I had gone over the 10 kilo mark, I get another 5 kilo lost sticker :)

So a good week all in all (except being sick), and was proud of myself when going out for brunch - I got an omlette that was egg white only and without cheese (had other vege fillings). It was surprisingly nice.

Next week is my birthday so I may be a little indulgent ;)

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  1. You should definately celebrate your birthday. You deserve it after such a good weight loss. After my weigh-in on Saturday, I treated myself to 2 little mini frozen pizzas that were about 9 pts each. I enjoyed every bite of them! Congratualations on your weight loss!! :)