Monday, April 13, 2009

One week of Boot Camp down....

A small loss this week...just 500g, but thats still a block of butter.

So in total the loss is 12.2kilos or 26.8lbs.

The WW seemed surprised I had lost considering it was Easter. I simply have no idea how hard I have worked out this week!

So from the weight loss I move on to Boot Camp.....or my (sometimes) version of what I think hell is like.

Day 1

The initial weigh in, rules and what we can expect to achieve from the month long programme.

A run warm up, I manage half the run before puffing hard out. Various exercises and running, running and more running. Up stairs, down the Normandale Hill road. I try my hardest but it was a lot of walking as well.

We get introduced to the various exercises we are going to do, and the techniques. Squats, crunches, press ups, and burpies (which I just have no knack for!), step ups amongst a couple of others.

There are various things such as a variation of what I remember of Duck Duck goose or parachute where when your number is called you have to run into the middle, complete a set of an exercise and then run out.

And then it happened - we got told the last team to get to the chair would run up the Normandale Hill - I'm thinking I have to go hard out - don't let the team down (I am the slowest one there). So on go, I take off like a rocket and before I knew it, I'm tripping and rolling and hit my knee on the concrete.

By then - I've hit my wall - I burst out crying and apologising to the team. How embarrassing! I actually injure myself as well which makes it worse, and spend the next ten minutes on the concrete before trying to walk it off while unfortunately my team ran up the hill.

The rest of the day, I had an ice pack on my knee and was hobbling...great start.

Day 2

On the Tuesday I went for a session with my trainer. As long as I didn't put weight on my knee, I was generally ok. He took me through a modified shuttle run/exercise boot camp to complete while I am away in Dunedin for 6 days. I'm bummed I am going to miss the camp as I already feel on the back foot. I'm the slowest, the biggest, and one of the most unfit. I explained this to my trainer, and he simply explained that everyone is there for their own reasons. Goals are individual. Anyway I need to remember that, and so on to day 2 - Wednesday.

Wednesday was split between the river bank and Normandale park. Shuttle run/ exercises and more running/walking. We got t-shirts for boot camp - nice. I felt good to do more running, however overdoing it made me dizzy, so am working out the limits when I can still run/jog but also perform the best I can. Even had tyre running in this session! It was good, and although wasted, it was a good type of wasted.

Day 3

I missed the morning session due to a migraine - I'm thinking from not sleeping and the end of term. So I slept through the morning and in the afternoon when it was better, I completed the combo set for me to do when I was away on the river bank. Anthony kept me in line and I actually surprised myself by having the determination to complete it. That feeling of finishing was awesome.

Day 4

Easter Monday up at 530am and off to Avalon Park. Warm up was running which I completed, and then almost threw up. From there did more running although I did fast walking as Im sure the previous days Easter festivities with some chocolate eggs did me no favours in the feeling sick area. NO MORE CHOCOLATE - It just is not worth it!

Did a circuit around the playground incorporating exercise and running. My favourite part - after running to the slide - going down it! Weeeee. It did remind me a little of the Krypton Factor which I watched when I was little.

Was stuffed afterwards, however at least with a public holiday I could have a nap later on.

Wednesday will be a half session as I have an early plane to catch to Dunedin to see my family for a few days, however will have a training session if I can tomorrow.

Who would have thought I would actually want to exercise???

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  1. You are awesome, Cass! I can totally imagine how you felt with that team-chair-race. Trauma!

    Sounds like lots of hard work, but energising and positive. The very few ocassions in my life I've started the day with exercise, I did notice that I felt great for the rest of the day.

    Good on you - I am totally in awe of your commitment.