Sunday, April 5, 2009

Back to WW!

Made to WW this week - up and atom on a Saturday morning. Made easier by a lovely day outside.

Pleasantly surprised, and good losses by both me and hubby.

Hubby lost 2.4kilos making a total of 7.9 kilos lost.

I lost 1.3 (2.9lbs) kilos to total 11.7kilos (25.7lbs). Yay!

How do I feel after losing this much?

More energy would be the main thing. I'm still tired (since it is now the last week of term) but its different now. I've booked in with consultant about the hyponotherapy on the 22nd April, so that should be interesting. My mindset has changed a little. I don't craved chocolate anymore and Im more wary of what I eat. I chose to not drink last night with friends - opting for lite and non alcholic beverages. I still had a blast and no hangover today. I can't guarantee that will always occur but for now I feel good about it. There was also the fear of not being on my A game for boot camp which starts tomorrow morning....6AM!

Other thing - clothes are looser. I took measurements yesterday, and while the initial drop was around my waist, this time there was quite a drop in my bust (hubby not that happy about that one ;) ) There were losses (even if small) everywhere which was positive.

Last week of school - hanging out for the holidays!


  1. Good stuff Savage and Kitt. Good luck with boot camp tomorrow.

  2. Congrats on the good weight loss this week!!
    I am finally noticing a small difference in how my clothes fit, which is great. (My husband isn't too happy about losing in my bustline either hehehe)