Sunday, May 23, 2010

The full body what??

Well exercise was the focus of the week.  I managed 4 out of 7 days exercising.  Wanted a little better, however excuses, courses and feeling down deterred me a few of the days.  On the plus side, it was more than what I have done most weeks.

Two sessions were Personal Training sessions - My trainer Clayton doesn't tend to take shit from me (this is a good thing).  The first session on the Tuesday almost....made me cry.  But didnt.  It involved many versions of squats, free weights with squats, flipping rugby bags, exercycles, and pressups.  Needless to say...achey the next day, but then later that afternoon I had another session.  I thought it may be easier, but NO!  It was basically the same work out.  Clayton refers to it as the metabolism jump start or....the full body fuckup.   No pain no gain...right???   I do feel slightly virtuous once I have done it, and it is good knowing the aches aren't because I am old.

The other exercise was dog walking on the beach on the first fine day in a long time, and today a cardio workout (treadmill, cross trainer, and exercycle plus a few arm exercises, stretches and medicine ball crunches).  Good workout.

I found a couple of photos of before pics when doing a weight loss challenge earlier this year (didn't suit me - poor mans weight watchers).  I fully hate them but hope it will inspire me to look better. If I can put improved pics on for comparison, I think that will boost my motivation.
The next two are from a family wedding in Auckland a couple of weeks ago.  Again photos I cannot stand - use them to motivate myself.

So this weeks goal - do six days of exercise, and no morning tea from the tea lady or ones that are put on (unless there is a healthy option...after all those ones are free).

I am also going to look for some celebrity pics I can use as motivation and are semi realistic.

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