Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bye bye bread

So after a week, my first challenge was to eliminate something from my diet.

I chose bread and bread products.

Bread is my weakness, and I do love it so.

How did I cope.  Well I managed a week without bread.  I have to say my energy has been better and have not been feeling so sluggish and bloated.  I do wonder if I have slight gluten intolerance.  My proudest moments in bread avoidance was avoiding the oh so tasty cheese scones that the tea lady sells, not eating sandwiches and not eating any of the homemade garlic bread with a dash of mustard seasoning at a dinner party.

I can't say I could avoid it forever, but I do see the benefits of cutting right back, especially with energy.

The week was harder by having a cold...damn snotty noses and sneezing.  Exercise suffered so that will be the next goal for this week.

My motivation for the journey is still a work in progress.

With chances of pregnancy being less than positive, the whole issue is still something I have to deal with.  Some days good, some not.  This weekend has been a not phase.  I just feel no one understands.  Im not coping that well, but may be next week will be better. My Dad and others tell me not to let it get to me or it will eat me question do you do that?

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  1. I like your approach of just focussing on cutting one thing out of your diet at a time. Sounds like a good idea. I've been on a bit of a bread binge recently.