Monday, August 24, 2009

2nd bootcamp almost done!

Three weeks of boot camp down, now in the last week. Different to the first one, this one has mainly been gym work with warm ups consisting of runs, or going up and up and up stairs, and then again with weights. I have got a lot fitter I have noticed, and while still a bit behind in the runs, I am not that far behind and am running further before I need to walk...yay!

The gym work consists of intense circuits, do it for a minute then onto the next exercise. I like the boxing stuff, thats fun. I dislike tricep dips and these things called Russian twists which after 5...Im done! Im the only girl in this group and its great...I told them it was like being in a gorilla pit. The boys took no offence and embraced it. No sympathy, lots of taking the piss, and even a phone to tell you that you suck when you sleep in (needless to say, I have not missed a session since then!). All in all it is good, but sometimes knowing I have to go to work afterwards and not back to bed makes the day a little longer!

On the weight front, this last week I put on 2 kilos...what the hell?? My weight has jumped around the same point for about a month now. One week a gain, next week a loss. Im not quite sure what is going on...probably the damn hormones in their viscious cycle. I get so close to my 10% weight loss mark and then I put on 2 kilos and it feels ripped away. Last week I did indulged a little but with all the exercise I am doing I did not expect such a jump up. So weight loss is now at 15.4 kilos (I think), which is dumb and I am disappointed in myself. Guess will have to work that much harder!

The Wii is cool and will get into in more when bootcamp finishes. It was just too much doing the workouts there, walking and doing the boot camp, and then working and having some energy left over. The wii has a great variety of workouts, and include tennis, boxing and basketball..nice!

Im still not pregnant and got down about it again last week. The abundance of pregnant people Im noticing around and at work just doesnt help. It has become my achilles heel, and even just the thought of it now can make me cry. Anyway went to my NLP therapist last week and told him about this. We had a hypnotherapy session in which I cannot tell you what he said, he worked on my self esteem. I completely relaxed, and it was awesome. This week the hypnotherapy will focus on my relationship with food and exercise, and making me more positive about becoming pregnant as apparently my mindset is becoming increasingly negative. Here's hoping!

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