Thursday, September 10, 2009

New Goal

A few weeks later and what has happened....well I haven't been to WW for a few weeks. My depression got the better of me, and I burnt out after boot camp, blood pressure dropped, so have been resting up for the past week or so.

Went to the doctor, as no pregnancy luck. I could see in her eyes, she doesn't have a lot of options left. She wants me to consider spending a lot of money on lap band surgery ($15-20,000) - don't have it anyway. However, at this point I don't want it. I'm not in this for a quick fix (although if it didnt cost anything, I may have considered it), but its not going to make me fit. I told her Im the fittest Ive been for ages, smaller now than what I was when having periods so don't get it. My cholesterol is fine, and don't have diabetes. So next step - referral to the gynocologist/fertility clinic to see if taking chlomiphene will be an option. I wasn't upset so much this time....see what happens I guess. Reading info on it, weirdly enough, Body builders use it as it is a steroid....eeek! I've also started thinking about adoption.

Anyway, still getting hypnotised. It's awesome! Last one this week coming. Not sure if completely working, but only time will tell. Need to saturate the sub consciencous with suggestions over and over. I have a very strong mind over matter - could explain a lot with how I think!

Just found out next boot camp is early October - outside one - hoping for more car pulling :)

At the weekend, I spent it at Fitness testing/profiling school for my uni paper. It was at the stadium. Totally wicked weekend - met people on my course, got to design fitness circuits and show fellow students how they worked, learnt how to take blood pressure, and do skin fold tests, looked a facilities to use to measure if people have the right positioning in exercises (called time warp). We also had to give a presentation on a programme profile for an athlete of our choice. I used a volleyball player from a school team. Even though Im a teacher, I hate getting up infront of my peers, but I think it went alright, although won't know I guess until I get the mark, but good feedback - especially since I was the only one who hasn't or isn't in the fitness industry! I am heaps more confident in writing fitness programmes for people now!

The other thing I decided after being all inspired! Im going to do the Ocean Swim on January 30th - not the 2.8 km but the 750m swim in the Wellington harbour. I figure I can do this, and be a good way to get back in the pool and increase my fitness further. I also figure I need a distraction - and this one is a healthy one!

Below is a couple of pics of my rugby team Im manager for at school. Got to the finals but got beaten by St Marys - great team though! :) Proud of them!

Okay, stop procrastinating Cassie - do some exam marking!

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