Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Wii

We bought a Nintendo Wii last weekend, me getting games that are exercise workouts. Im trying to jazz up my fitness regime and when my Les Mills contract is finally up, I figure that membership will pay for the Wii.

Any who, today I did my first workout. It was cool, you get to create a profile of yourself - shape, hair, clothes, hat, shoes, gender. This was EA sports active Personal Trainer.

I chose the 30 day challenge starting initially on the low intensity programme. The programme today consisted of walking, running, boxing, squats (they are everywhere), rows, bicep curls, inline skating and side lunges. I honestly had a sweat on at the end - gained two trophies - completing day 1 and burning 100 calories - I love the trophies! I really recommend it, looked a little munterish at times BUT its in the privacy of your own home.

Also managed a half hour walk too - good day for exercise!
On the week - a really varied week - did not get enough exercise in and I have had huge cravings for chocolate! I have indulged too, two lots of indian/asian in 2 nights. Ouch. I gained a kilo at WW this week - I actually wasnt that upset about it - I could see where it came from!
Observations noted -
Being a parent to three kids would be an easy way to keep fit - I helped out on Saturday night at Aarons, and being the tickle monster, the train driver, the seeker takes it out of you - I slept well that night!
Dont go to bed angry with your husband - our first major fight with shouting - got the bed to myself - but no good sleep - resolved now though, but if you want sleep do it before you want some!
I notice cliques at work even though Im in my 30's, there is still exclusion. Is that just because I work as a teacher, or does that occur in what ever job you are in?
We got the Picton house for the holidays - Yay!!! Lets hope for good weather :)
Have a good week.


  1. You look like a munter ... never, would never happen. The trophy idea sounds cool - do people cheer for you too? Does it come with those two accessories in the picture too?

  2. We have work-cliques too. I reckon it's most work places.

    Glad the fight is resolved :)

  3. We have work cliques too Cass. There's a 'young and cool' crowd here that go out drinking together. I have come to the realisation I am not 'young and cool' anymore!