Sunday, July 19, 2009

On the up...

Hard to believe school holidays are over already!

Things have been going well over the last couple of weeks. Im feeling fairly upbeat about things, have rested a lot and caught up with family and friends over the last couple of weeks.

I visited Dunedin to see family and meet my best friends bubba Otis. What a cute baby and so good too. I'm glad I was in a better place to be excited for Frances and Shane and their new arrival :). Spent lots of time and was amazed how well Frances is doing - such a natural mum!

Just completed session 8 of my NLP therapy. Concentrated on exercise and started self esteem and working on feeling better about myself. While I know and have become more aware
of food, where I want to go, and know that I have lost weight and inches, I still have a poor picture of myself. We're working on that, and now Anthony is pulling me up on each time I dont take a compliment or put myself down. Apparently it is quite a lot.

Bought a nintendo wii today - with a wii fit and a couple of exercise programme games (also some other games and shoot 'em ups for Anthony). I'm trying this new way of exercising, looks fun!

On the weight loss, am down another 1.1 kilos now (2.4lbs). Stoked! Now Im at a 17.5 kilo loss (38.5lbs). While Im sure Ive gone over my 10% goal - the WW people said I have a little more to go (900g). Im sure I got there this week with my calculation - no matter - I'll get it and that keyring to show it too :)

May it be a good week!

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  1. Woohoo! Another keyring, just what you need ;) Good on you. 10% is a helluva lot. I would have to work bloody hard to lose that much! Don't even wanna think about it.

    I like it when exercise is actually FUN. That's why I play indoor and stuff - can't force myself to do unfun exercise just for the sake of it.