Sunday, May 3, 2009

Boot Camp completed!

And the results from the four weeks of fitness at the crack of dawn.....

Lost 2.5 kilos over the time.

Lost cm's everywhere (wicked)

Feel more toned - can even feel muscle now :)

Feel fitter - even doing the odd jogs now!

This week I have had a few people comment - non relations! That's nice as many of them don't know Im actively trying to lose weight etc.

So all together:

Total weight loss = 14.2 kilos (31.2lbs)

The next boot camp (intermediate) starts in 3 weeks - have a programme so I don't lose what I have gained in fitness to do over the time.

One thing I will look forward to is not getting up at 530am for the next 3 weeks :)


  1. Don't forget you also have an all natural 'glow' about you, as Ant accidentally noticed (thinking you were wearing makeup when you weren't).

    You seriously look great and healthy (as came through in some of those lovely snaps of you last night).

  2. Hey Cassie! It's great to hear about your progress with the fitness regime. I'm on a bit of a mission myself to shed a few pounds that I've been hanging onto for the past 5 years or so. Getting up at 5:30am can be tough but it's so worth it when you get that feeling of productivity and rejuvenation before you ever get to work in the morning. Good on you - looking forward to staying updated.